About Me

Hello, I'm Nuno Lopes, and my journey in wedding photography has taken me far beyond the lenses and frames; it's a journey through stories, emotions, and unforgettable moments. My art, recognized across the globe, has earned me a spot as an unmissable reference in the vast panorama of international wedding photography.

In 2022, I had the honor of achieving 5th place in the FEP AWARDS for Weddings (European Photographer of the Year Awards), a testament to my dedication and artistry in capturing love stories. My work, celebrated with the Golden Lens Awards in 2021 and 2020 as International Photographer of the Year and International RevelationPhotographer of the Year, marks significant milestones in my ever-evolving career.

My photographs have consistently ranked in the TOP25 by ISPWP, an association of the world's finest photographers, for two consecutive years, 2022 and 2023. This recognition fuels my passion to push creative boundaries and capture moments that last a lifetime.

My influence stretches beyond capturing moments; I am deeply involved in the global photography community as a speaker, educator, and jury member. From delivering lectures in Brazil and Mexico to judging for prestigious associations like Fearless Photographers, Fotografi Cameramani of Romania, Fineart Association, New York Photography Award and Muse Awards, I aim to share my unique perspective on photography with the world.

2024 brought an extraordinary opportunity to be the official photographer for the “Hokol Vuh” event in Yucatan, Mexico. This event, gathering 20 of the world's best chefs, was a celebration of Mayan culture and an avenue for my photography to explore new narratives.

I am Nuno Lopes, not just a photographer, but a mentor, innovator, and above all, a creative spirit driven by a vision that transcends industry conventions. Join me as I continue to explore the art of photography, sharing stories of love, heritage, and the beauty of the human connection.

Capturing the soul of every moment with passion and creativity, I strive to safeguard memories with essence, transforming fleeting instants into eternal art.

I'm not just a photographer, but a creator with heart. 

My career is a tapestry woven from the vibrant threads of creativity, a foundation that elevates the standard of my art. This creative spark drives me to explore new techniques, challenge conventions, and continuously raise the bar of my craft.

My creativity manifests in unique compositions of each photograph, the emotional narratives woven through my images, and the innovation I bring to every workshop, lecture, and jury panel I partake in. It’s this creativity that propels me to be a catalyst for change in the industry, advocating for equality, inclusion, and high ethical and artistic standards.

However, my creativity isn't a solitary trait; it's nourished by my core values of humanism, friendship, companionship, equal rights and gender, animal advocacy, and social causes. These values aren't just words to me; they're the driving force that pushes me beyond the conventional boundaries of photography to create something truly memorable.

My mission extends beyond capturing moments; it's a commitment to life. Each photograph I take is an expression of my mission to capture human essence, raw emotion, and intrinsic beauty in every moment. Moreover, I view education and mentorship as vital to this mission. As a dedicated speaker and mentor, I'm committed to sharing my knowledge and experience, believing that elevating others helps raise the entire industry.

I believe every wedding, every event, every person has a unique story deserving to be told and celebrated. My vision is to be more than a photographer; I'm a visual storyteller, an agent of change.

I aspire to use my art not just to create beautiful images but to tell stories that resonate, inspire, and contribute to a better world.

I love playing with light, composition and perspective to create images that

combine glamour, creativity, spontaneity, emotion and passion.

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